6 Reasons Why You Should Work Remotely

Working remotely has a lot of perks that most day jobs don’t have. Here are the reasons why more and more Filipinas are taking this career path:

  • Freedom. The ultimate perk. The usual day job requires you to sit on a desk and encourage you to spend 8 hours of your day to work your ass off. You don’t have control to change the rules and to demand what you really want to achieve in a work setup. Not to mention, that 8 hours does not include the time you spend on commuting from your house to your office (which we all know could take plenty hours of our time). Not my kind of dream job (I bet not yours too). In working from home, the options are limitless. Being a virtual professional gives you the freedom to choose a job that you like (whether you want to do freelance, hourly, per project or full-time), the freedom to choose the rate that you will demand, the freedom to work wherever you want, and even the freedom to wear whatever you like while working (like, working in your undies perhaps?). That’s the dream.


  • Higher pay. This is not a guarantee but it is a personal choice to pursue. Most clients would come from first world countries, and a lot of them are comfortable in paying you more than how much you are paid by our local employers. Since this is your business, you can set rates that you think you truly deserve. If you think that what you can offer is something of high value, charge it however much you think its monetary value is. Unlearn the fact that the Philippines’ minimum wage is 500 pesos per day (which, don’t we all think is absurd?), decide how much you really deserve to be paid, and charge for it.
    Let me give you an example. I have a friend who is a virtual assistant who offers services such as graphic designing, video editing, copywriting and a little bit of admin jobs. She charges her clients hourly for $10 of 1 hour of work. She only works for 4 hours a day for 6 days per week, sometimes more if her client requests it.

    Let’s compute that:

    $10 x 4 hours = $40/day for 4 hours of work
    $40 x 5 days = $200/week for 6 days a week
    Convert that to peso (dollar to peso is $1 to 50+ pesos as I wrote this)
    $200 x 50 = 10,000/week
    10,000 x 4 weeks = 40,000 per month

    Again, I’m emphasizing, she only works for 4 hours per day, spends another 4 hours building and improving her virtual service business, and spends the rest of the time with her family. At 24, she’s able to treat her parents to travels and has loads of savings in the bank. Is this the kind of work and life set up you want to have too?


  • More time. When you work from home, you eliminate a lot of time from the equation. These include the commute time (Metro Manila traffic is the worst, right?), the lunch breaks, and the OTs which may or may not be paid. Imagine how much time you waste in a year. Working from home gives you those extra hours to spend with your kids, your mom and dad, your husband, your friends, your hobbies and passions, and yourself (self-care duties, dear). Your breaks can also be spent watching TV and doing house chores, which obviously you can’t do when you’re at the office. This is a huge benefit for moms, especially. Remote working can give you the time to spend with the kids, while not having to depend on your husband for money (independence is the new sexy). You can buy those make-up and clothes you’ve been ever wanting to buy without anybody (ehem, your husband) telling you you’re too magastos.


  • Work wherever you want. Work from home might not be the perfect term that we’re using here, because there are so many jobs available where you can literally work anywhere you want as long as you have reliable internet connection, or your job setup permits offline work. In a hotel room in Palawan perhaps? At the white beach of Boracay? Or somewhere in Bali? It’s always up to you! You have the freedom to make it happen. The mobility and flexibility remote working can give is what made me decide to pursue this path.


  • No commute to work. Let me emphasize this perk again. This reason alone keeps me so motivated to start Work with Juana. I wasn’t born a rich kid and I have to commute to get to places I needed to be – and we all know how commuting in Metro Manila is like. One time, I was riding the MRT and I looked at all these ladies trying to survive the commute as if their whole lives depended on it. I asked myself, “Is there anything that can be done to make this scenario even just a little bit better?” The scene looked hopeless. There are also some irrational instances where I witnessed a woman cursing another woman so hard because she accidentally stepped on her, as if it’s her fault. On a daily basis, many women, including me, are being harassed by fellow male commuters, who apparently don’t know what basic manners are. What’s crazy is that, these events kept on happening every day (I bet you have been harassed in your commute too). If you work from home, you have lesser time to deal with all these chaos. Also, you don’t have to always deal with the worst traffic in the world – the Metro Manila traffic. Have you ever driven by EDSA during rush hours? I remember riding a bus going from Taft station to Boni station and it took me 2.5 hours total time. I swear I could have been there earlier if I walked. This kind of traffic is what we call normal now. Why? Because we couldn’t do anything but to accept it. It’s one of the worst things about this beautiful country of ours. It’s very sad. If you work from home, you won’t have to deal with the battlefield we call the road during 7am and 5pm. This could bring so many good things not only for you but also for others as well – you lessen the competition on who gets on the ride first, you decrease your chances of dealing with perverts, you are able to give other people who work in the office more comfort, you reduce the carbon footprint caused by cars (if you have your own), and you improve the traffic from using your private cars or taking public transport much less often. Imagine how much contribution you can make for this country?


  • Less stress. Need I say more? Once you experience the perks written above, there’s a big chance that you will live a more relaxed life, away from all those stressful events. It’s a win-win for everyone.